Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30 for 30 update...

A LOT of you are following along on my 30 for 30 Challenge on Facebook and Instagram (user: JillGG)... and if you aren't, well you should be!  I thought I would do a quick update on here in photos of how the challenge is going so far.

For those of you just tuning in, I am mixing 30 pieces of clothing (and shoes!) into 30 outfits over the next couple of weeks.  Below is a list and photos of the pieces...

Then these are the first 10 outfits I have put together so far.  The Challenge will take me less than 30 days as I had originally planned, because (especially in the hot summer) sometimes my schedule or the day's activities causes me to have to change mid-day.  But I'm okay with that... the Challenge seems to be zipping by already and I am already pining for a few items in my closet that I didn't include, so I'll be excited to get back to my "full" closet.
What I love most about this Challenge is that I never feel guilty about wearing things multiple times... even within a few days of each other (like I usually would, even though that is unnecessary guilt) and also that I can pull just two or three items out of the closet and call it "good".  Sometimes as a blogger (or as just my crazy self) I tend to put TOO much emphasis on having the perfect-complicated-but-uncomplicated-looking outfit (again, unnecessary effort/guilt).  When in reality I can very easily just enjoy wearing a top and a bottom and not put a lot of thought into it.  Us bloggers tend to over-think dressing at times.  So it's been good to step away from the need to over-think it all.

Don't forget to follow along for up to the minute outfits on Facebook and Instagram (user: JillGG) as the Challenge continues!

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