Monday, July 16, 2012

what to wear: summer concerts!

After I wrote this post showing what (not) to wear to a concert, or specifically, what I wore to a concert... a reader said, "hey, what SHOULD we be wearing to all these super fun summer concerts?" (and festivals, I might add).

Not that there is anything wrong with wearing red jeans and a chambray shirt to a concert (contraire mon frere!)... I happen(ed) to think that outfit was just fine.  But it wasn't very "concerty" - I'm with you on that. (But I should note: I myself am not very "concerty" thus, the outfit).

So here are some bonafide "concerty" outfits.  Just for you stylish ladies, because I know there are some tickets to amazing shows and venues just BURNING a hole in your summer shorts' pockets these days.  (and for that, I am jealous because there is nothing better than a summer concert)

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