Monday, July 9, 2012

A week's worth of outfits... remix the basics!

I'm feeling major holiday "hang over" over here... figuratively, that is.  Was that a holiday weekend or a holiday week? Whew!  Too much fun!

The other thing that is feeling the post holiday slump? My body and my budget!  Ugh, I over indulged at the dinner table and on the pocket book all week last week (and really, most of this summer so far)!  Turns out going out for ice cream three times a week isn't good for my waist line or my bank account.  Not to mention the beach snacks like candy, Gatorade and Chex Mix.  I feel a strong need to regroup and refocus this week.  Get back to healthy eating, some time at the gym and also being content with my closet.

So today I chose only the basics to remix into a week of super fun and chic outfits... using pieces we likely already own! Because I'm thinking... maybe (hopefully?) some of you gals are in the same boat as me!

three: scarf, tank, skirt, bag, sandals

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