Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Arrivals...

When I polled my Instagram (user: JillGG) followers recently about what new features or series they would like to see on the blog there was a resounding answer: shopping budgets!  And even more specifically, my shopping budget.  This one I totally get, as a lot of bloggers share how much they are purchasing items for in their outfit posts, how much they spend monthly on their wardrobes or do "haul" posts.  None of which I have really participated in in the past.

The fact is, I don't have a clothing "budget".  Not that I get to spend whenever I want or whatever I want. No, that isn't the case at all. I spend as I am able. If there is money in the account and I have paid all the bills and the necessary stuff, then I determine if it is appropriate to spend for myself or the kids.  That's not very scientific, but I always pay with cash (or with debit) so that is how I determine if I can spend or not. If I have it.

In addition, I tend to shop seasonally.  That is doing ONE BIG shop at the beginning of the season by following the guidelines in my seasonal looks:books. (These trips I usually "save up for" in advance)

BUT, I always like to produce content that is interesting and relatable to my readers.  Plus, I claim to be living the "good life for less" - and I don't mind talking about how much I spend on clothes (because it's a number I feel comfortable with). So I thought as I shop, I will update you on my purchases... is this something that is interesting to you?  If so... speak up! I always like your feedback!

When we were on vacation in Florida I shopped at the J.Crew Outlet that was right near our hotel.  Summer can be a tough time to shop because I tend to want to save my money for fall clothes... but I found these two sweaters that were perfect for the in-between.  Both sweaters are cotton, so are perfect for all seasons.  The striped sweater was marked down to $39.99 with an additional 40% off, so it was $23.99.  The orange sweater was $49.50 with 50% off, so it was $24.75.

So total for this trip to the J.Crew Outlet (not including purchases for my kids): $48.74.


So while this wasn't a very "exciting" shopping trip... does this type of series interest you? I'd love your feedback!


Ali said...

Yes, I'm interested in these posts. Shopping strategy really interests me, as does building a wardrobe that moves seamlessly from season to season with new, well-chosen pieces. Bring it!

Susanne said...

Yea I am definitely interested in this type of post. J crew is my favorite too!


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