Monday, July 23, 2012

my outfit: tan legs!

Right off the bat... for some reason my legs look freakishly tan in these photos.  I don't know why!  (I'm going to blame the lighting) It couldn't be because I sit at the pool for hours on end, could it?  But no really, I don't know how they even got this tan, I'm not one of those crazy ladies that sits and suns and oils up all day.  Promise. I'm just one of those OTHER crazy ladies that sits at the pool with her kids for endless hours because it's the only thing we can think to do with our time anymore this summer.  To you it looks like relaxation, to me, it's Groundhog Day the movie.

Is there some trick that if I just get the girl to fall in love with me after a snow-ball fight that it will suddenly be September? Let me know if you have the passcode to get out of this endless summer.

I'm not complaining, no, this is better than snow... I will say that.  But maybe I am complaining just a little.  These kids are bonkers.

Sweater, J.Crew (yes, it's a lightweight sweater... what can I say, I freeze in air conditioning!)
Belt, Gap
Shorts, DIY
Shoes, Sperry
Sunglasses, Warby Parker RX Sunglasses "Mabel" style

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