Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life according to Instagram...

Here's a little catch up on life as I know it via Instagram.... (I'm user JillGG - find me there!)

top left: while organizing my daughter's closet I had a moment of envy... look at all those fun colors and pieces.  Oh to be four again!  She's such a doll.
top right: the sunglass collection finally earned a spot in my closet... instead of jumbled together in my purse or strewn across my desk.  
bottom left: what blogger isn't dabbling in art these days. I just painted this large canvas for above my bed. I'm decidedly in love with it.
bottom right: my outfits usually end up on Instagram more regularly than here on the blog. Such is life.

top left: again... if you like outfit of the day posts, follow me on Instagram - they are on there ALMOST every day!
top right: a new to me veggie from our CSA this year... scapes!  They are basically garlic tops and if you chop them up and sauté them they are AMAZING! So tasty!
bottom right: speaking of our CSA, we are swimming in greens here, salads abound! This salad was a real hit on Instagram.  It was my version of a Mexican Chop Salad from left to right: kohlrabi, cherry tomatoes, radishes, black beans, avocado over a bed of greens topped with green onions. Not shown, I also topped it with shredded cheese and crumbled tortilla chips.  Then for the dressing I simply mixed salsa and ranch. Yummy!
bottom right: more outfits!  Stripes are a must this summer... I probably wear them too much!

top left: I recently asked for feedback on my editorial calendar... what do you like or want more of? One common response was budget related posts.  Ask and you shall receive! Stay tuned and feel free to give me more feedback here!
top right: I'm a permanent four eyes these days... and it's never been so stylish with these Preston frames from Warby Parker.
bottom left: and of course what four eyes can live without prescription sunglasses? None. I love these - they are the Mabel style!
bottom right: my Fourth of July outfit!  It was so hot!  The jacket was only used in the blasting A/C.
 Then later that day I sat in butter... (only on the Fourth I tell ya!)... thankfully the dress came clean!

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MMH said...

Love, Love, Love your blog! Just wonderful! I have a question ( that you may not answer because it's annoying). I also have a blog and cannot figure out how to get these fantastic Instargram collages to post. Would you mind helping a sister out? :/ thanks!!!



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