Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my outfit: cheery!

I'm seriously blissed out from vacation.  I always feel like everything is right in the world after a vacation... I missed my house, my routine, my computer, my work and my (boring) life in general and I am ready to dig back in and be productive and love life.  It usually takes a week or so before I start despising laundry, dust bunnies and dirty floors and the kids are back to driving me nuts.

Whenever we travel people will ask where we are from and when we say Michigan they just give us a far off look like "people live there? doesn't it snow all year?" or they mention they have some odd aunt that lives there or they've heard of Kalamazoo (it was mentioned in a U2 song once, so every one seems to know about it).  But of all the places I go... this is still the best place to come home to.

Now we are working on planning a fall trip... it will be my husband and I's 10th (tenth!!!) wedding anniversary.  We've got a few places in mind... but nothing firm yet.  Where is your favorite place to vacation? I always love to hear about other's vacation fun...

Chambray Top, J.Crew (similar)
Shorts, Old Navy
Bracelet, Towne & Reese (c/o)
Sandals, Forever 21(similar)
Sunglasses, Amazon

Earrings, Charlotte Russe (similar - cute!)

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