Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Do you have a "signature" scent... I feel like mine is always revolving (or evolving?).  Right now these are my daily scents depending on my mood.  It's far from one "signature" scent, so I like to call it my "scent-drobe" like a wardrobe... but all smelly and good!

1. LUSH Solid Fragrance: Orange Blossom (similar)
2. LUSH Solid Fragrance: Imogen Rose
(both of these LUSH fragrances smell amazing, are perfect for layering and travel well - since they are solid - I love to keep these in my gym bag or travel cases!)

3. Tocca Bianca (blue)
4. Tocca Collette (purple)
5. Tocca Giulietta (green)
(I bought these Tocca mini's in a three pack... these are also perfect for layering... the "blue" label or "Bianca" is my personal favorite)

6. 'i am peace' roll on fragrance 
(this has heavy tuberose notes and my husband seems partial to this one!)

(this is not a 'babyish' scent or really anything at all like the other Harajuku scents, I just LOVE it!)

What is your current favorite scent? I'd love to know what and why!

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Terri S said...

I am the same in that I like to have a few that I can rotate according to my mood, plus, we all know that if you wear the same fragrance every day, you don't really smell it on yourself and what fun is that? My very favorite (and hubby's, too) is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. I rotate it with Banana Republic Classic, Nine West Love Fury and my newest, Tresor Midnight Rose. I also love Burberry Brit, but I tend to reach for that one more in the winter! I was just reading about the Tocca perfumes and hope to try them soon.


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