Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my outfit(s): instagram edition...

I really want to thank everyone for the positive feedback on yesterdays post... I meant every word of it and I feel like I had been wanting to say something along those lines for a while.  Yesterday was the perfect opportunity!

Also, I hear ya, I hear ya! You want more outfit pictures... and don't worry, I'll be back at it in no time.  But for now here are Instagram photos (self portraits, if you will) from the past couple of weeks.  I still like to document my outfits... even if it's not full blown photoshoots with my husband... and Instagram seems to be the perfect way to do that.  If you are are Insta my user is: JillGG If you don't... what are you waiting for?!? :)

In no particular order:

Usual Day | Black Trench, Chambray Top, Mint Jeans, Leopard Flats, Tillary Tote

Layers for a Spring Day | Navy Blazer, Striped Top, White Jeans, Flip Flops

Busy with Kids Day | Pink Gingham Top, Shorts, Sperry's

Field Trip with my Daughter | Jacket, Scarf, Navy Top, Shorts

Running Errands Day | Leopard Sweater, Cut-offs, Flip Flops

Spa Day | Scarf, Striped Top, Black Leggings, Leopard Sandals

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