Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mothers Day Gift Guide!

I always love a good excuse to be spoiled by my husband and kids... so it's a no-brainer that I always look forward to Mother's Day each year.  Pictures colored by the kids, breakfast in bed courtesy of the husband and lots of hugs and sweet words always make for a great day!

But let's not forget that it's always fun to get spoiled with some presies too!  I always love to receive beautiful and classic pieces that will last... something that hints at luxury, indulgence and beauty.  A little bit of "oh you shouldn't have" goes a long way... last year my husband surprised me with the new white iPhone - to me that was definitely beauty and luxury (I love a gorgeous tech product!) and this year I actually picked out my own gift... something special I had my eye on.

Any of these items would make the perfect Mother's Day gift for your mom or yourself (listen up husbands!)... breakfast in bed not included!

1. Kindle Touch... there is nothing like curling up with a good book and forgetting all your cares!  Give mom the gift of escape with books this year! (and if you need book recommendations, I've got tons here!)

2. Striped Clutch... diapers can't fit in this bag - remind her she is a lady with this beautiful clutch!

3. A gorgeous watch is not only practical... it's timeless and beautiful.   Remind her of your love for her each hour of the day (even the long hours!).

4. Tocca Perfumes... what is a mom without a signature scent? I always remember my moms favorite scents... and your kids will want to also!  I have this set and absolutely adore it!

5. Nail Polish set... nail polish isn't always practical for moms, but throw practicality out the window in exchange for indulgence with this set of four lady-like colors.

6. Kate Spade "Live Colorfully" Ring... I love the secret message engraved on the inside of this ring... a good reminder to busy and harried moms.

7. A gorgeous leather handbag... makes not only a good gift now, but perhaps a lasting legacy as well.  My goal in buying handbags these days is to have investment pieces to pass on to my daughter in "vintage" form one day!


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