Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to mix and match colors! {three ways}

Color, color, color! I'm crazy for it this summer and I've been snatching up pieces for myself (and even my kids and husband) like crazy... my closet which was once filled with a lot of neutrals is now bursting with color!

So naturally I walk in there and say to myself "wait a minute...  can I just mix and match all these?" and of course my answer is YES!  I never buy a piece of clothing that can't be mixed and matched... so if your closet is bursting with color like mine this season... here's how to wear it all without looking (too much) like the crayon box.

Here are my tips for mixing and matching colors:

  • Use patterns to break up the bold colors.
  • Stay in the same color family to make it easy.
  • Add neutral accessories to tone down the look.

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