Wednesday, April 11, 2012

how to wear a pink maxi skirt! {3 ways!}

Often times I will see a fun wardrobe piece like a pink maxi skirt on ultra-sale (like this one) and have illusions of grandeur - or just illusions of me actually wearing it.  There is nothing wrong with a pink maxi - mostly there is just a lot that is "right" about it.  But as a momma I am the first to admit that it's not really that practical.  Then I also admit that I don't have near enough un-practical-wearing-appropriate-events on the social calendar to justify the purchase either. (dang. right!?!?)

Maybe your social schedule is a little more illustrious than mine... or maybe I should just buy the silly thing even if it does just hang in my closet.  (it looks like some sizes are sold out online but my local store had some in stock)  Either way - here are three fun ways to style this pink maxi skirt!  First a fun business casual or weekend look (I love the idea of tying the ends of the top in a knot at your waist, second a sassy evening look and lastly a perfect breezy summer look.

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