Tuesday, March 6, 2012

reader question: carry on!

A reader emailed me recently wanting to know if I had suggestions for carry on bags... and since I'm headed to the Texas Style Council later this week, the question was quite timely!  I have a few requirements for my carry on bag whenever I travel... 1.) It has to be cute. (duh!) 2.) It has to carry my laptop, in addition to my usual purse holdings (lip glosses, wallet, sunglasses, etc) 3.) If I have to break out into a full on sprint in the airport (truth: I've had to do this and it sucks, final boarding calls be damned) I need a bag that's not going to be completely impossible to run with 4) It has to be cute... wait, did I mention that already?

1. This little leopard number wins my vote in the under $150 and ultra-amazingly-cute categories.  
Also it's leather. SCORE! 
(think I could have this delivered to my door step by Thursday night?? hmmmm...)
2. Ultra utilitarian, this bag has a boho/I still have this sweet bag from college feel to it. It's also the largest of all the bags shown but will still fit under the seat in front of you and it's under $100.
3. I love that this bag is roomy and could be used for everything from the farmers market, to a day at the pool or as a carry on.  This two-tone tote is ultra versatile and is under $20.  Can't beat that!
4. This is my personal carry-on.  A black leather Kate Spade tote.  I always mean to branch out to a new carry-on but then keep coming back to this one. Simple, beautiful, classic.  Also, this one is on sale! Or this one is a bit cheaper but not leather!
5. This duffel is super fun, I just bought one for myself.  This bag is perfect for traveling with no laptop, but would work with an iPad.  (True story: my husband just did an entire business trip with no laptop, only an iPad. I love 2012.) I'm undecided if I am bringing this with me... 
it might be my future 'car trip' bag.

So dish!  What kind of carry-on do you like to travel with?

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