Thursday, March 8, 2012

packing list: I'm headed to Texas, y'all!

I've been practicing my best yankee "y'all" that I can muster in preparation for my trip to Texas tomorrow!  I'm SO, SO, SO excited to be heading to Austin for the Texas Style Council with some amazing fellow bloggers!

And the only thoughts swirling through my head these days is "what to pack!?!?"  I had the whole thing figured out last weekend including detailed notecards for each day/outfit with a corresponding packing list (sadly, I'm not kidding or exaggerating).  Then this happened.  Rain? Cold? Thunderstorms?  Uhhh... enter severe disappointment (I'm from the North, when we travel south we absolutely demand warmth and sun - so not fair!) and an entire change of wardrobe plans.

So while I'm still figuring out exactly what I am going to pack... here is what is inspiring my own packing list: fun and feminine pieces (heeee-eey! it's girls weekend!), some comfy pieces for cool rainy days, a fun dress (or two!) and some killer heels.  If you are going... what is inspiring your packing list?

1. You know I'm not big on dresses - but I'm planning on taking TWO!  This lace one is gorgeous!
2. Color will be a big part of my packed items!  I'm really loving these green jeans.
3. A rain coat - boo! But still, I'd rather be dry.
4. Neon! I'm trying to work in a piece or two of my favorite brights.
5. Fun jewelry, like this necklace, is absolutely necessary, I've got lots ready to go!
6. I'm excited to change my "mom" wear for fun earrings and baubles all weekend.
7. Leopard flats. These will likely be my go-to for the entire weekend.
8. More fun jewelry like this friendship bracelet, you can never have enough!
9. A scarf or two for the plane and cool days.
10. I want to make sure to bring some basics like this tee to travel in or layer with.
11. Jeans, you know me.
12. I like to be really cozy but chic on the plane, this sweater would be perfect.
13. Stripes! Duh!
14. I may bring my white jeans - still debating (thoughts?).
15. Fun girly pieces like this drapey tank will be fun to wear.
16. Killer heels. I have a pair or two packed - these peep toe espadrilles would be fun too!

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