Friday, March 23, 2012

my outfit: hey, trousers!

I am officially the worst "trouser wear-er" ever.  I love these pants... but the whole night I was groaning about how they were tight (I did indulge in a glorious three-course meal) or god forbid you drop a drop of water on them or something.  Red wet = ugly.  And also, I think my time spent in "corporate America" made trousers like a dirty word for me.  It means rules and no-fun.  In my mind at least.  True and true I am just a jeans gal, what can I say.

But chambray shirts. Now that is something completely different (obvs - I wore this one two times in one week!).  I can really get behind a chambray top.  And three course meals, those too.  So all in all... I would still count this outfit as a "win".

Top, J.Crew Outlet
Pants, Zara
Shoes, Nine West
Necklace, Kensie (c/o)

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