Thursday, February 9, 2012

what to pack: New York minute!

Packing for New York isn't going to be TOO big of a deal (wait, did I just say that!?!?) since I'll really only be there for 24 hours.  I'll need a fun and party friendly outfit for Friday evening and besides that just warm and casual, but refined, pieces for the travel days and for grabbing lunch and coffee out and about.  It will be such a quick trip I doubt I will even have time for shopping (sad face!).  As excited as I am to get out there, I will be just as excited to get home to my kids and husband the next day!

Here's a packing list that is inspired by what I'll be bringing...

1. simple and gorgeous sweaters like this one for layering under scarves and coats 2. boots that are comfortable enough to walk in and still pretty look at 3. fun and bold accessories like this necklace 4. party dress! 5. simple skinny jeans 6. a feathery clutch for evening 7. a scarf to brighten up any outfit 8. a classic black coat 9. sweater/sweatshirt combo that is perfect for wearing on the flight 10. my go-to carry all Kate Spade bag 11. sunnies - will the sun shine for Fashion Week? 12. earrings for day or night 13. neon necklace, yes please! 14. simple wedges for evening 15. a cozy warm faux fur cowl, perfect for NYC!

To keep up with me in NYC - make sure to follow me on Twitter!  And for live tweets of the Blogger Night Out event that I will be attending - make sure to follow Plastics Make It Possible on Twitter.  They will be live tweeting from our booth including tons of photos of the outfit I styled for the event, the outfits my fellow bloggers have styled for the event and of course, what outfit I am wearing for the event!

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