Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my outfit: pink pants!

Let's start February off with a bang - shall we? In that case, pink pants it is! I was so excited to whip out these pink pants last weekend!  It was super snowy and pink was just what I needed to keep me peppy for the day (heck, I even vacuumed the whole house in these pink pants - they are magical mood boosters for sure!).  If you want a pair of pink pants for yourself I will warn you - these run about three sizes small.  Or at least for me they did... if they didn't for you, I beg of you not to tell me.  Oblivion here will truly be bliss.

Of course, I paired them with my black boots. Because I already warned you, these things are amazingling (is that even a word?) comfortable and practical.  I know, that's like super rare.

On another note, do you ever read those tabloids that claim that Suri Cruise styles her mom (Katie Holmes) and think "yea right! what four year old knows how to pick out clothes!??! That's so dumb".  Well my four year old told me that pink and grey go together and I didn't really believe her... but now I do. And last night I was trying on dresses for TxSC (I'm ultra prepared - read: bored - like that) and my daughter was choosing shoes for each outfit.  With shocking skill.  Shocking.

So from now I will no longer style myself, I will be styled by the up and coming little (literally: little) known stylist: Abigail.

She can really work a tutu.  This could be scary.

Sweater, Gap - this sweater was 60% off in store this past weekend, score!
Gingham Top, Old Navy (similar)
Pink Jeans, Old Navy
Boots, ShoeMint (courtesy of)
Cuff Bracelet, GS Lillian (courtesy of)

Here's two other ways I've worn this grey gingham top!

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