Thursday, February 23, 2012

my outfit: is it spring yet?

For this outfit... even though it wasn't near warm enough to "pretend" like it's spring (like I am so obviously doing here!) the sun was shining.  And the sun shining is just the provocation I need to play spring-make-believe.  I will say that this was a pretty warm outfit with the layers.  And who can say no to bright colors this time of year.  So maybe it was a well timed outfit after all.

I am so looking forward to heading to Texas in just a few weeks - I know it's spring there. I just know it.  And I'm not afraid to say I'm going to act like it when I get there either. Boo yah!  Watch out for us Northerners... we take the proverbial "inch" when it comes to warm weather.

And yes, (below) this is me getting photo-bombed by my daughter.  She's too cute to get mad at though... I know you can't see her face, but just look at that outfit!  The grey skinnies, the pink boots, the pink coat and the striped hoodie peeking out? (I can't be sure, but I think there are sequins somewhere in there too) Dang that girl has style.  Somebody get that girl a blog.

Blazer, Zara
Scarf, vintage Liberty of London via American Apparel
Striped Top, Gap
Jeans, Old Navy
Shoes, Steve Madden

Here's two other ways I've worn this scarf (ironically with the same striped top!)...

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