Friday, February 10, 2012

match made in heaven: pink & red!

Of course it has something do to with Valentine's Day being just on the horizon (one of my ALL time favorite holidays!) but more than that this look is all over blogs and Pinterest and magazines.  It's a really fun and bold look that I am seriously crushing on!

By the time you read this I will be in NYC prepping for the big night tonight!  Don't forget to follow myself and Plastics Make It Possible on Twitter for up to the minute happenings!  In the meantime... I wanted to leave you with some great ideas and little notes I jotted down from listening (only briefly) to the  IFB blogging conference online on Wednesday. (I seriously need to be at one of these in person soon!)
{Also, I don't know exactly who said what - so pardon my inability to properly quote the correct person.  It was during the final panel - so you can at least see who the speakers were here.}
  • Set boundaries in your blogging and be creative within them. (on making/keeping your blog successful)
  • Real inspiration comes from turning OFF the computer. (on how to manage life/blog balance)
  • p.s. i made this said "you can DIY a business" (on how much money it takes to start/keep blogging, inferring that it should be very little)
For all you fellow bloggers out there - this is such GREAT advice!  Happy Weekend!
I'll be back on Monday with tons of photos and behind the scenes fun from my trip!

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