Monday, February 13, 2012

a weeks worth of outfits!

Another week... are you ready? I'm not... but that doesn't mean it's not time to jump in with both feet!  We officially have only FOUR weeks until Texas Style Council (who's going? who's pumped!?!?) and about THREE weeks until my Spring 2012 looks:book touches down.  And lastly, we really are in the final weeks of dressing for winter.  Crazy, but true! So these upcoming weeks are going to be fast and furious, and of course... a whole lot of fun.

Let's get the week started with 6 simple outfits to wear... I could use a little (or a lot) of style and simplicity right about now!  This week I'm heavily influence (errrr, obsessed) by red and neon.  I think they are the MUST have staples for your wardrobe this spring.  They are SO fun!

I hope your week gets off to a fabulous start!
Check back this afternoon for photos from my NYC trip!

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