Thursday, January 5, 2012

my outfit: black turtleneck!

This black turtleneck is my new obsession... every day when I get dressed I instantly go for it, but then have to remind myself that I just wore it.  I had fun here even layering my favorite button-up under it in an unlikely but totally comfy look.

I'll just go ahead and thank the J.Crew catalog for the inspiration on that one.  They seem to always have a fresh crop of unlikely pairings that I enjoy trying - not all work in real life as well as in the studio lemme' tell you.

Speaking of inspiration, you all know I am obsessed with Pinterest!  I just started a new inspiration board there entitled "good life" - check it out for all the images from my blog.  If you are in the mood for a visual feast of my blog all in one spot - it's all there for you!  Or if you want to share images from my blog you can share them via Pinterest on Twitter, Facebook, email or by imbedding them into your blog (with tracking links so you don't have to worry about sourcing photos!).  So check it out!

Black Sweater, Gap
Striped Button Up, H&M
Jeans, Gap
Coat, Anne Klein (very old)
Necklace, Charlotte Russe

Off topic... I thought I would give you all a few insights into our kitchen remodel!  The cabinets were all delivered Tuesday and my husband has started assembling them.  We went with a brown/black flat panel door style from IKEA.  So far I am REALLY impressed with both the ordering and the delivery services from IKEA - and most importantly, the quality of the product. Yes, you have to put them together - but the actual cabinet box/frame and hinges and soft close features are comparable to the highest end of cabinets that are out there.  No they aren't solid wood, but they are more sturdy and beautiful than a lot of solid wood cabinets I have seen.  Our entire (very small) kitchen of cabinets was only about $1500.  (bargain time!)  Also IKEA offers an integrated dishwasher for a steal (integrated: cabinet panel front so it doesn't look like you have a dishwasher) that I am really excited to install!  So far I can't rave ENOUGH about how much I love these cabinets.

For counters we went with granite... this was a really hard decision for us. We went back and forth on IKEA's really cool (and uber affordable) butcher block counter tops... but with our busy family and very small kitchen we need something that will stand the test of time (and spills, etc, etc).  The granite we chose is a really unique color that I have never seen before (and I used to work for a builder and work with granite samples daily!) called Moon Night... you can see some examples of what it looks like here.

My "style" in my home is Glamorous-Vintage-Modern (I think!)... and this kitchen will definitely be on the glamorous/modern side.  I'm excited to show more as it unfolds!

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