Thursday, January 12, 2012

my outfit: be bold!

Lately my life as a mom has been changing so quickly it almost makes my head spin.  The craziness of toddlerhood and baby days have so quickly been replaced by packing lunches and backpacks, hustling to practices and the beginnings of meaningful conversations with my kids.  It's crazy. People tell you that it goes fast - and just to be cliche, I'll tell you again.  It goes fast.  But I never believed them because I was so engrossed in boogers, tantrums and messes.  But it does go fast.  If you are a mom and still "entrenched" - you absolutely HAVE to read this post a friend of mine posted to her Facebook page recently.  Seriously, it is so true and I wish someone would have written that about two years ago!

Last night we had a super fun conversation at dinner about what jobs would be fun for my kids when they get older. More than anything I want my kids to be happy and involved teenagers and adults. I want them to know what they want in life and go after it.  I don't think there is any greater gift you could give your child as an adult.  And as our pastor at church always says... "You are raising adults... not kids." So true.

I fully expect my kids to work once they turn 16.  Summer jobs if their schedules are too busy, or at least something on the weekends for fun and spending money. I started working right away when I was 16. Mostly because my friends were doing it - but later it was because I needed the money for class trips (if I remember correctly I had to raise half of the cost of my HS trip to France - it was worth the hard work!), spending money for the weekends and then college.

My kids couldn't believe that I worked at a movie theatre and got free movies and popcorn (I did!) and that I only made like $4 an hour (I did!).  They also couldn't believe that I worked as a summer camp counselor (to kids with special needs) when I was in college where I got paid to do things like go to the zoo, eat popsicles and go swimming (I did!).  Instilling the idea in them that work is fun is a great start to a happy and healthy relationship to their calling - don't you think? And if there is one gift on Earth that keeps on giving... it's your calling.  I know that for sure.

My husband and I constantly remind our kids that we love our jobs!  They are hard work - but that it's always worth it.  They make us better people and a happy family.  I hope that becomes my legacy to my kids... that I helped them chase after their calling.  What is a legacy you would like to leave for your kids?

Red "pocket" scarf, J.Crew
Sweater, J.Crew
Gingham Top, Old Navy
White Turtleneck, J.Crew
Jeans, Zara
Wedges, Dolce Vita
Bracelets, J.Crew and Forever 21 and the anchor one is a gift from J.
Lipstick, Heat Wave by NARS (I'm hooked on this stuff!)

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