Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello, 2012!

This post is going to be more personal than most.  It may interest you and it may not. I'm cool with that.

Each January when the snow is fresh (or when we SHOULD have snow...) and the sky is grey, the calendar offers us grace in the form of a new year.  These past couple of years January 1st has been a true gift for me to reevaluate my path and my life.  It's also been a time where I choose a 'theme' for the year. Something that will guide my choices and my challenges.  The best part of choosing this 'theme' is that, to be honest, I think the 'theme' choses me.  And it never leads me astray.

2010's theme was "just do it" - I focused on growing my blog and my business at a furious pace. I never said no and I never stopped. I literally just "did" it. I acted on random ideas and my blog and my life was never the same after 2010.

2011's theme was "do what you love and love what you do" - after a year of flurry and busy-ness, I decided to refine what I love and what I do.  I was true to this theme by stepping back from certain projects (like this now inactive blog) and made some of my more challenging projects (like the IT list) work for me better than it had in the past.  There was a lot of behind the scenes activities with this theme.  But again, it was a great year.

2012's theme is going to be "creativity and courage"... for a long time now my desktop image on my laptop has been: "Creativity takes courage." (Henri Matisse).  Never until this minute has this quote been more true. I am feeling the need to creatively make-over my life and it's a little scary.  I need serious courage facing this year and facing my dreams right now.  I hope some of this newfound creativity (and courage) shows on the blog. It may, it may not.  I'm not sure right now what form it will take.  I do know I'm excited and a little scared (in a good way) for what 2012 holds.

I also went through some of my 'resolutions' in a visual format over at Sweetie Pie Style - check that out! And I am MAJORLY in love in the month-by-month resolutions that GSLillian laid out (I might have to steal that idea).

What does your year have in store for you?  

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