Friday, December 2, 2011

what to wear: weekend!

Hello Friday! This week seemed unusually quick - especially for it being a week following a holiday. But, heck, I'll take it!  What do you have on deck for this weekend? Holiday fun!!?? Other!!?? Do tell!

We are hoping to cut down a Christmas tree this weekend... I was holding out for snow, but it's not looking like that is going to happen.  Which of course is just perfect seeing as the one time you actually want it to snow it won't and then when you have plans - voila - it blizzards and you can't go anywhere.  Cutting down a tree in the snow is so much more fun... but we'll live (I suppose!).

Here's a fun tramping through the woods look...

So do you gals cut real trees? Snag real ones from local parking lots? (not steal them... but at the little shops that pop up!) Or pull the artificial tree from the basement?  I always love hearing everyone's tree escapades!

I remember 5 Christmas's ago... I was pregnant with my little Abigail and we were living in a loft condo in downtown Grand Rapids.  I was so smitten with the super tall ceilings so my husband and I wanted a REALLY tall Christmas tree.  BUT, real trees weren't allowed because it was such a huge housing complex (fire hazard). But I got my way and we got this HUGE tree... it was so fun.  It was a little awkward sneaking it out of there though come January.  We had to put it by the big community trash bin - eek!  I was so afraid of being found out - ha! I hate to break rules, I'm a nerd like that.  But it was a gorgeous tree...  (I scrounged up pictures of that tree... check them out after the jump!)

Have a fabulous weekend!

They are really small pictures... sorry about that!  But here is one where my husband is helping little Noah (so small!) put the angel on the top... looks pretty tall!

But then you can see that my husband is even standing on a chair!  And we still had a few feet to the ceiling even!  Fun memories...

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