Tuesday, December 20, 2011

my outfit: grey days!

It's sad that the difference between the black and white photo above and the color photos below is so minimal.  Such is life in the winter in Michigan - grey days are a given.  We were so thankful to get a little snow... but then it pretty much all melted!  It looks like we won't be having a white Christmas after all.

Christmas break for my kiddos started yesterday - and we've got a week full of fun, fun, fun ahead of us!  They listed out the activities they wanted to do this week (movies, bowling, ice skating, eating at our favorite restaurants) and we put a little schedule together for accomplishing each of them.  I'm hoping that there will be a little sleeping-in involved as well - although my kids aren't really into sleeping in (yet!).

Is it Christmas break where you are? What are you doing to keep the kiddos busy?

Sweater, Forever 21
White Top, Old Navy
Jeans, Seven for All Mankind
Clogs, UGG

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