Thursday, December 15, 2011

drugstore beauty: winter must-haves!

Winter skin has arrived... I'm feeling dry and parched (flakey knuckles anyone? Ewwwww... gross, but true!) as the temps drop!  Here are a few of the essentials that I stock and absolutely count on this time of year.

Must. Have. Need I say more? This is a perfect size for popping in my purse.

Day and night I completely depend on this stuff. I always put it on right before bed. 
Plus, my daughter gets really chapped lips and she prefers this over #6.

This oil has no scent and is really luxurious.  No need to go overboard with it... 
I mix a few drops with #5 for "just from the spa" skin.  
Or just a drop or two for elbow and heels does wonders.

No manicure is complete without Solar Oil. 
It moistens cuticles wonderfully and is great to freshen up your nails between manicures as well. 

A simple but soft daily lotion.  Irresistible if you add some of #3 to it... mmmm!

This stuff is seriously old school.  It's meant for milking cows - seriously.  But whether or not you have an inner cow-girl this stuff does wonders for lips, cuticles, knuckles, you name it.  I also use it on my kids chapped cheeks after they play in the snow.

What are your tips and tricks to beautiful skin this time of year?

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