Thursday, December 8, 2011

christmas in my house...

The Christmas decorations are finally all up in our house...  for some reason I had the Christmas cards and the shopping done before December 1st, but the decor I was dragging my feet on.  We finally got our Christmas trees - one large fresh cut tree for the living room and one smaller potted "kids" tree for the office which will eventually be planted in our yard (fun!) - and the house feels so cozy and smells of fresh cut pine.  I love this time of year!  My decor is totally bi-polar... the big tree and the mantel are strictly white and gold and silver (I collect feathered birds for my tree... do you collect any type of ornaments?) and serene while the rest of the decor pops with bold and fun colors (like the 'kids'  very sparkly tree, my Kate Spade calendar for this month, the kids gingerbread house that we made and the advent calendar).

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