Sunday, November 27, 2011

sunday splurge!

It's not Christmas in my house until the aroma of pine is wafting through the air... we always cut a fresh tree down each year (this year, I'm hoping for TWO!) and that in and of itself smells pretty darn good.  But I always love to have a pine scented candle of some sort burning during the holidays.  And if I don't burn the whole thing in one season then I carefully pack the candle away with the ornaments for the next season... this candle smells of fir and cedar. MMMMmmmm!  What a great hostess gift as well!

Last year I burned a really yummy Mrs. Meyer Pine scent... but I can't find it again this year (but I did find Cranberry or Orange Clove - yum!).  
Do you have a favorite holiday scent? 

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