Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my outfits: button up!

This is another REALLY simple DIY spruce up I did for my winter wardrobe.  This wool jacket is SUPER old... I think I got this before I married my husband.  It was my first "dressy" coat - my job at the time was business formal and I needed something stylish and warm for week days.

It's 100% wool and it's really, really heavy and warm.  After that job the coat got some neglect... it was missing two of the four front boring black buttons (embarrassing!) and desperately needed to be de-fuzzed and sweater-shaved a bit from sitting in the closet so long.  (truth be told, it could still probably use a trip to the dry-cleaners!)

Any way... long story short... I wanted to spruce the jacket up on the cheap and was inspired by this gorgeous coat from J.Crew.  So I simply picked up some gold buttons for only $6 at the fabric store (similar to the ones from J.Crew) and then took the coat and the buttons to a tailor.  The tailor put the new buttons on for only $15.  And voila!  It was only $21 to completely re-vamp the look of this old coat! I love it now!  Gone are the days of it not being used, for sure.

Also, OMG, how long is my hair here!?!? These are pictures from a week or so ago - I got like four inches cut off right before Vegas... pictures coming soon!

Coat, Anne Klein (old) - J.Crew inspiration
Scarf, Target (similar)
Striped Top, Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Flats, Gap

Also... a few things of note:

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