Monday, November 28, 2011

my outfit: winter white!

So how was your Thanksgiving weekend? Do tell! Any great Black Friday deals, shopping stories or otherwise to report?

Our 'weekend' was basically the entirety of last week as my kids only had school the beginning of the week and my husband was off the entire week.  It was nice for a break from the norm and some quality family time, but I'm ready to get back in the saddle... I freak out if there is too much un-organized time.

Some highlights include:
  • A weird thing with my ear where I am constantly hearing "whooshing" like when you hold a seashell to your ear. I'm thinking it's an ear infection - but I'm telling you right now, don't google these symptoms. It scared me silly. I've just been rinsing it with peroxide and taking some IB.  Wait, is all this TMI? Really, I'm fine.
  • Seeing Arthur Christmas with my kids.  Seriously - SO cute and SO funny!  A little long at the end, but when is a movie not long for kids (um, and for me and my short attention span)?  I highly recommend it!

  • We bought The Elf on the Shelf. His name is Fred. This is better than the 'I'm going to call Santa Claus' bribery I've previously used on my kids.  Again, highly recommend!  It's turned into this weird confessional-booth type thing for my kids... they tell him what they want for Christmas and that they are sorry for misbehaving.  Funny stuff.
  • I have {pretty much} ALL my Christmas shopping done. I need to pick up three more items (but I know exactly what they are - which can sometimes be the hardest part!). Boo yah!  All done online baby... how did we EVER live without the internet?  Plus, who else loves when the UPS truck pulls up to your house!??!
  • We finally got a new Vacuum Cleaner... our old vacuum was seriously like 20 years old and was held together with duct tape and several other unsightly DIY fixes.  It was so ridiculous.  So guess who's house got vacuumed this weekend? (This is my least favorite chore, you would be appalled to know how rarely I vacuum... hopefully this is changing with my new 'wheels' though!)

  • My son puked in the car on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner. Oh yeah - the stuff memories are made of! (I'm only wishing it didn't happen in my brand new car.  That's parenthood for you!)
  • I'm now officially hooked on Gossip Girl ... I finished Felicity on Netflix so now it's on to this new series.  It's a little shallow, I admit... but Blake Lively is serious girl crush material and the outfits are more fun to watch than all the catty banter (although - who can resist a little catty banter now and again!?!?). Also an early crush is forming (on my part) to Penn Badgley... cutie patootie!
  • I finished A Reliable Wife and started Loving Frank: A Novel (which btw, I am loving, but it's a little slow in the middle, no?).  Are you reading any books this cozy time of year? I just love curling up in bed or by the fireplace to read... mmmm...
Coat, Tulle (courtesy of, previous season)
Scarf, Limited
Leopard Print Sweater, J.Crew
Orange T-Shirt, J.Crew
Jeans, Gap
Thigh-high Socks, Target
Boots, Nine West

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