Thursday, November 10, 2011

meet my kids: Noah!

As I mentioned last week... I thought it would be a fun to give you a peek at my sweet "littles"!  Last week Abigail stole your hearts (she's a real heartbreaker!) and today it's my oldest - Noah.  He made me a mom and changed my life forever.  This kid is nuts and we love him for it!

  • Noah makes friends everywhere he goes. It's remarkable how outgoing he is, especially since my husband and I are more private.
  • The best word to describe Noah is: fierce.  He plays hard, loves hard, gets in trouble bad and sleeps like a rock.  Everything he does, he does to the extent.
  • He and I are alike in a lot of ways which leads to a lot of butting heads between us.  But in the end, we love each other deeply.
  • He inspires me.
  • He is obsessed with any and all sports and plays them with nothing short of vigor.
  • The world's biggest University of Michigan fan.  He plans to be their quarterback one day - I haven't broken the news to him that I don't want him to play football. (It's dangerous!)
  • He just turned seven last week - I've been a mom for SEVEN years!?!? Crazy!
  • He's one of those kids that you just can't wait to see what kind of adult he becomes.  He's such a unique and vibrant kid.
  • This kid has more energy than one would think is possible.
  • He loves his sister SO much it was hard to find a picture where the two of them are apart.  They are such good little buddies!
  • He won't let me dress him cute anymore :( 

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Stephanie said...

what a cutie pie! =)


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