Thursday, October 27, 2011

winter wardrobe prep... how to make leather elbow patches!

I recently went through my closet to check out my winter wares and found a few pieces that needed updating, mending or make-overs.  I'll share those pieces over the next few weeks...  first up... how to make leather elbow patches for old sweaters!

I have this gorgeous sweater from J.Crew that was a gift from my husband several years ago (2005 I believe)!  It is a wool and angora blend, fits almost like a sweater jacket, has leather covered buttons and is SO warm and cozy.

It was definitely an investment piece when my husband bought it 6 years ago but now it is unfortunately showing some wear.  You can see my finger tips through the elbow areas... so I figured I would try some diy leather elbow patches on the sweater instead of just getting rid of it or waiting until it broke through.

I couldn't believe how easy this diy was... first I laid the sweater out on the ironing board with the offending elbow areas lined up and put a piece of paper between the sleeve layers so that I could see the thin areas on a quick glance (for when I place the patches) and also used the paper in there in case some of the fusing bled through (to avoid the sleeves sticking together).

Then I snagged some suede from my local Hobby Lobby.  I found this square in the craft section (not the fabric section) for less than $5.  They had lots of colors and textures to choose from. I chose to make my elbow patches in circles and traced circles with a guide (I used a random lid I had hanging around the house).

Then I put the suede patches over a layer of "Steam A Seam" sheet and cut corresponding circles of the fusing product.  This was also under $5 for a whole package at Hobby Lobby.

Next I set the iron to the highest steam setting and lined up the patches and steamed them on.  I had reservations about using the steam directly on the leather, but I knew the fusing material needed lots of steam to work so I just went for it.  I noticed no ill effect on the suede at all.

In literally MINUTES I had elbow patches!  The "Steam to Seam" worked fabulously and not only did this project cost me less than $10, it also took less than 15 minutes!  That is my kind of diy!

Look for this sweater in some upcoming outfit posts!  And I have one other change up to show you on another piece from my closet soon that was also inexpensive and super easy!

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