Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my outfit: rescued!

First things first... sometimes I put together fun outfits like this one and then mean to recreate them and forget (I'll admit, it's a very loose re-creation).  But when I remember... it's like a gift to myself. This is what getting old must feel like.  There's a surprise at every turn!

Any way... this sweater is a 'rescue'.  It's vintage Limited (does it count as vintage... I bought it in like 1999, which I'm not going to do the math... but that is a while ago).  See, I have this thing... I like to go through my closet quite often and pull out what isn't inspiring, up to date or doesn't get much wear.  It's like all those items clog my view when I go to put outfits together.

But sometimes I can't bear to actually part with the items... it's like I don't like them 'now', but I like them 'in general.'  Does that make sense? So if that happens I put them in a bin and put them away in the basement.  Then every once in a while I head down to the basement and see what is down there (again, surprising myself - I'm noticing a sad trend here).

Lately I've been just nuts for cables and I remembered I had this sweater down there.  It's held up surprisingly well and is a silk/cashmere blend so it's really soft and luxurious.  It's also like a crop-top which is coming back in style again (give anything 10 years) and so I was thrilled to rescue it from the basement.

Call me a crazy hoarder, but by golly... it works.

Sweater, Limited {near vintage age} (similar)
White Button-Up, Forever 21 (similar)
Pants, Old Navy (similar)
Shoes, Target (similar)
Bracelets: courtesy of Towne & Reese, courtesy of Monet and a few Forever 21 thrown in there too
Watch, Fossil via Nordstrom Rack courtesy of gift card from Nordstrom
Earrings, courtesy of Rebecca

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