Monday, October 17, 2011

my outfit: high/low!

Truth be told I spent the whole day in just these leggings and oversized top... but then I had to run out for a bit and didn't want to be caught in clothes that are only a step up from pajamas, so I threw on a blazer.  If I lived on my own I could be found in this top and these leggings for days on end... I would be all "SOS - send clothes!"

But luckily since I have a husband and kids to look after I keep from wearing the same clothes for days and days on end.  It also keeps me from wearing "real" clothes like these to bed - seriously, at the end of the day I could've worn these to bed.  And then you know what would have happened the next day...

It would be a most classic downward spiral.  Likely with no end in sight!

Do you ever get in serious clothing ruts? I seem to be more drawn to clothing ruts when the weather cools off... so that basically means trouble for the next couple months.

Blazer, LOFT (similar)
Top, H&M (similar)
Leggings, H&M (similar)
Glasses, Warby Parker
Clutch/Crossbody Bag, courtesy of Mimi's The Look
Shoes, Gap
Necklace, short: American Eagle, long: courtesy of Linkel Designs

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