Tuesday, October 11, 2011

latest obsession: felicity!

Did you watch Felicity when it first aired? I was actually in college and finishing college at that time... so I didn't watch much (or any!) television then.  But I remember my mom saying how much she loved the show... but when I found in on Netflix streaming this past weekend I couldn't believe I hadn't seen even one episode of it.  I was living under a rock of books and classes and first jobs apparently.  I'm totally obsessed with it!

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Any way... first of all, I just ADORE the story line (compelling love triangle = the best tv/movies) and I love that Felicity's style was much like mine when I was in college.  I look back and think how I was always wearing baggy jeans and oversized sweaters and hideous backpacks.  But when Felicity does it, I see the style in it.  

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Isn't it so funny to look back on style and say "what were we thinking!?!?"- but it's inevitable.  Every generation will do it and then we will look back and say... oh I should have kept such-and-such sweater, it's back in style now!  Watching Felicity makes me regret passing on all of those big oversized sweaters I used to drown myself in.  I don't miss the baggy pants though - I would still wear skinnies over those!


My husband and I were laughing how they used pagers and floppy disks in the show... seriously? I guess 1998 was 13 years ago now.... (wow, I'm old).  Just for fun... here is some cozy Felicity/90's inspired fashion finds!

(above: sweater, top, necklace - like the one Ben gave her!, shoes, earrings, watch, khakis)

Okay... so who is/was as obsessed with Felicity as I am!?!? I'm only a few episodes into the first season -so no spoilers!

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