Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my outfit: soccer mom strikes again!

These boots have been getting a lot of action this fall... soccer Saturday always poses a distinct clothing challenge.  The fields are dewey, the sun can be hot but the air can be cold or vice versa, the wind may be going nuts at one field and then be completely gone at the next.  The key is always LOTS of layers and wellies.  This past Saturday I wore the jacket and the t-shirt and then the t-shirt and the scarf and then just the t-shirt for a while and then was back into the t-shirt, scarf and jacket.  Only to be back to the t-shirt again.  Whew!  There is little I love more than watching my kiddos play soccer.  They just love it and always amaze me with their courage and tenacity.

We have had the most incredible Indian Summer that I can ever remember.  For over a week straight it has been 70's and 80's with no clouds in sight.  It is just amazing!  Usually I would NEVER wear shorts in October... but it's almost like I can't not.

Not only that, but the fall colors have just EXPLODED here... I think they are pretty close to 'peak' here in West Michigan and it's so inspiring.  Each day when I drive around the trees are a new vibrant hue of red, orange or yellow.  Usually I ohhh and ahhh for the reds, but this year I'm swooning for the yellows.  They are the brightest... sometimes almost looking neon.

How is fall treating you? I just started planning my Thanksgiving menu and I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts... where does the time go!?!?

Blazer, American Eagle (similar)
T-shirt, Gap (similar)
Shorts, DIY'd (similar)
Knee High Socks, Urban Outfitters (similar)
Boots (Sperry), Watch (Fossil) & Scarf all via Nordstrom Rack courtesy of a gift card from Nordstrom

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