Monday, October 10, 2011

my outfit: random!

  • I figured my closet had room for one more striped top. So generous of me, huh?  This one has sequins on it, was under $20 and is 3/4 length sleeve. Mandatory.
  • When my husband travels I like to mix it up a bit (i.e. have no real schedule and go half crazy). For instance I took a shower at 5pm and then wondered why my hair was still wet and I had no make-up on at 6pm when it was time to take my son to soccer practice. Oops. I'm still capable of surprising myself.
  • Sick of that top bun? If so, here's a low bun. I'm so fresh, huh!?!?  It, ahem, works great with wet hair for soccer practice.

  • Every time I wear these black skinny jeans I wonder why I even take them off. Love.
  • I think I am on a three skinny jean rotation now, these... some other ones... and the ripped ones.  My husband is even begging me to buy new ones.
  • I like buying striped tops instead.

  • Don't tell my fellow soccer moms this, but I wore this outfit two days in a row.  There's a certain set of moms I see on one day and then another set on another day. I take full advantage of this fact.
  • These bangs need to hurry up and grow... 
  • Gas prices plunged right after I sold my SUV. I thought I might be controlling the economy but now I know for sure.  Bwahahaha!

  • I've found I am almost completely incapable of watching television.  If I want to watch a show at 8pm I never remember until 9pm.  This is what instant Netflix has done to me.  Netflix... where entertainment has no schedule. (and no, we don't have DVR, we only just got one of those new fangled flat tvs less than a year ago. We are slow like that.)
  • I'm am completely addicted to beef jerky lately. Like crazy addicted. I buy it anytime I am near it and completely chow down.  I hardly even like meat, but I'll take a teriyaki and beefy mouth workout any time.  I want to eat it just typing about it.  I'm almost grossing myself out.

  • Speaking of chewing... Do you like the new show "The Chew"? I actually really like the IDEA of it... but it seems uber scripted to me. Yes/No? I only watched it once though. I'll catch up with episodes when they make it to Netflix.
  • Did I mention my daughter is dancing this fall? If you want to die and go to heaven watch a bunch of little girls do ballet and tap.  Srsly.
  • I'm thisclose to calling a Kindle mine. Part of me can't imagine not reading a real "book", the other part of me can't believe I don't have a Kindle.  Where do your loyalties lie here?  I figure with all the carpooling and running around I do it would be nice to have my book with me without actually having my book with me.  You know?
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Top, Target (I KNOW, right!?!?) (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Necklace, courtesy of JewelMint - have you checked out JewelMint yet? You must!  LOVE their pieces!
Shoes, Gap
Watch, Fossil via Norstrom Rack courtesy of gift card from Nordstrom

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