Tuesday, October 4, 2011

e-book launch: blog bits!

Wow... it's finally here!  I have been working tirelessly on this amazing e-book since the start of September and I am so excited to finally have it available to you!  Included in this e-book is all my tips and tricks that I have learned along the way in this crazy blogging world.  Here is an excerpt from the introduction...

I have to admit that when I first started blogging I had virtually no idea what I was doing, and furthermore… no idea what I was getting myself into.  I had been reading blogs for a while and knew that there was some type of magnet pulling me toward starting a blog myself.  I had a rough idea of what I wanted my blog to be like – which ironically is nothing like what my blog actually is today – and I had the passion for blogging.  By passion, I mean that I just knew I wanted to do it.
Sound familiar? You may be in the same exact position right now.  Or conversely, you might be more experienced with your blogging but you desire to take your blog to the next level. 
In either case, this e-book is for you! I will give you my own personal secrets for deciding on a focus of your blog, growing it, creating fabulous content that keeps readers coming back to it and finally, monetizing it in a meaningful way.  By the way… have I mentioned that I now consider my blog to be my “job”, my “career”, my “bread and butter”?  I do in fact.  And I make enough money to make it worth it.   Read on and I hope you can learn to do the same.  Blogging is an exciting, dynamic and flexible career and I’m happy to call it mine.

The book retails for $30 and it is over 25 pages long and over 10,500 words - apparently I have a lot to say on the subject! I am so incredibly passionate about blogging and when you read this e-book you will realize my passion and hopefully it will be contagious!  I hope you see this e-book as an incredible opportunity to invest in your blog or your blogging career.

Buy now here!

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