Thursday, September 29, 2011

my outfit: this is it.

As I sit down to compose this post, two things come to mind to write about: the weather and how busy I am.  Quite possibly the two most dull topics of interest.  I'm not dull I promise.  It's just that I truly am quite busy and some weeks I feel like I can ride on top of the wave of busy-ness and other times, like this week, I am in the depths of it.  So it goes.

As I mentioned in my last Thursday Latelies, I am THIS.CLOSE to releasing the new e-book on blogging.  It's really coming together amazingly.  I'm thrilled with it.  If you are a new blogger or an existing blogger that is really looking to hone your blog and learn how to monetize your blog, I am confident this will be an amazing resource for you.  I'm thinking Monday may be the release day... stay tuned!

In other news, Linda and I are putting the finishing touches on the next Luxe Lotto and "whoa nelly" it's going to rock your world.  It's rocking my world and I am the one putting it together. Seriously.  I did some quick math on the retail price of all the goods and it's right at about $500.  Awww yeah!

So that is a little of what has been going on behind the scenes around here.  I'm busy as a beaver.  I'm also entertaining the idea of working on some new videos or video tutorials... anything that would particularly pique your interest by chance? Let me know!

I'm linking this post up to Bloggers Do It Better animal prints challenge!

Bloggers Do It Better

Sunglasses, Forever 21 (similar)
Blazer, LOFT (similar)
Leopard Sweater, J.Crew (similar)
White Top, Old Navy (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Flats, Gap
Necklace, courtesy of Monet

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