Thursday, September 1, 2011

my outfit: pink loves stripes!

I felt like a very stylish "business mouse" in this blazer. What?!?! You don't know who "business mouse" is... am I the only one that ever watched Noggin with my kids? Well I don't know if "business mouse" is still on Noggin or if Noggin is even Noggin anymore.  But regardless, "business mouse" lives on in our household.  Lucky for you "business mouse" even has a FB page, I mean... who doesn't these days?  Like him at your own risk, there might be some funny "business" going on there.

Whenever someone dresses up all "business-y" in our house they get called that.  My kids included.  My son with a blazer on? Business mouse.  My daughter in an a-line skirt? Business mouse.  What, you don't dress your kids in blazers and a-line skirts for Target runs? Sheesh.

I don't either.  But you better believe I buy that cute stuff for my kids... and when I can, I properly bribe them into wearing them.  'Cuz there's nothing cuter than a baby business mouse.

Any way... When I first bought this striped top I inherently knew it needed to be paired with this pink blazer. So I pulled the blazer out of the UV protected glass case I keep it in - I call it my "trophy blazer" and slipped it on.

Are you catching my drift here... as much as I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blazer... it doesn't get worn much.  But it hangs with pride in it's glass case, errrr... my closet.  Sometimes clothing just needs to be beholden.

No, no. You're right, the more I think about it... the more I realize that I need to wear this beaut more.

Top, Forever 21 (similar)
Blazer, Zara (similar)
White Jeans, Gap
Shoes, Sam Edelman (similar)
Bracelet, Forever 21
Glasses, Warby Parker

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