Tuesday, August 16, 2011

workout basics!

I'm a pretty avid work-out enthusiast... although this is more of a recent thing.  Before age 30 I thought working out was crazy and completely unnecessary - but things change after 30 gals, hate to break it to you.  We've been members at the local gym for over two years now and rarely do I miss a week of going two or three times.  I can't say that I just LOVE working out... but I do love feeling fit and the feeling of accomplishment.  Plus, I also like to eat whatever I want and working out helps battle the calories I like (wait, no... LOVE!) to consume.

Breeze Comfort recently sent me this awesome sports bra... and I really love it!  It's comfortable and supportive without being constricting (some sports bras are like corsets!) and I love that it has some added padding so that I'm not flat as a board (which happens to smaller chested gals like me with sports bras!)  This bra is definitely my new favorite!  The Breeze Comfort Bra is made with patented ventilated push up bra pads, to not only provide additional support, but also ultimate breathability that will keep you cool and well-ventilated during your workout. (Breeze Comfort supplied this product to me free of charge, but the opinions are my own)

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Elena said...

Thanks for the tip! When you run in 90 degree weather, staying cool is definitely a challenge!

Since you go to the gym 2-3 days/week, do you mind sharing your routine? Since turning 30, and my late 20's really, I've definitely noticed a difference.

Thanks! :)

Alexis Anzalone Anderson said...

Good review! I am not well endowed so I am quite familiar with the tiny uniboob look. I too would love to know how you approach your gym routines. I am on my countdown to 30 and already see and feel the shifts, esp in the thigh area. Can you say cellulite! AHHHHH.


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