Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunday splurge...

Today's "splurge" is something I have been LOVING, LOVING, LOVING lately... an old school brand that is having it's turn in the spotlight again: Dooney & Bourke!  Since I've been in a total "preppy" mood lately... these totally make sense.

These purses totally remind me of junior high. Everyone wanted one and everyone's mom had one - and today I know my husband's grandmother has a sweet collection still.  But they are back and the colors are spot on and the styles are so fab.  And even though these are a bit of a splurge... they are priced very nicely (and often on sale!) even for the leather pieces.

Which do you like best... the bright colors or awesome neutrals?!?!

(above: pink - on sale!, green - on sale!, yellow - on sale!, navy)

(grey - on sale!, printed, olive, camel)

So are you as into them as me!?!?


Also... GREAT news!  The fall looks:book will be out TOMORROW!  
I am so excited... you ladies are simply going to LOVE it!


Mommyblogger said...

I think everybody should own one of each. The bright colors are great for when you feel sassy and fun. The neutrals are so classic that you can't go wrong with them. I've always loved DB :)

Kate said...

I am in desperate, desperate need of a handbag! I stocked up on clutches all summer, then both of my shoulder bags died, and now I am so sick of carrying clutches all the time! LOVING the camel one here, and loving the preppy vibe of the navy one, too!

Gray Skies said...

I love Dooney & Bourke! Someday I would like to invest in a really nice handbag like one of theirs. I actually saw a D&B purse at a thrift store once, but it had scratches all over it and I knew I wouldn't use it. (Plus, I guess there's always a chance that it was a knock-off!)

Jordan said...

My bestie just got a yellow Dooney and I'm so jealous! I've always loved the brand and how classic it is. Some of their trendier stuff is not too cute though

Alexis Anzalone Anderson said...

Happy to see D&B make some classic stuff again after all those lettered bags. The navy one is gorgeous.

The Nerdy Katie said...

I LOVE that Olive one! I am a huge D&B fan and have held on to all of mine. I am so happy that some of my older ones are coming back in style!

Sarah said...

It's nice to see some "grown up" looks from them again. I was so "over" the whole multi colored handbag that every 12 year old had for a while. This is a fresh new look! I'm also loving Longchamp right now - also great classic styling!


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