Monday, August 8, 2011

reader question: sophisticated business casual!

This week is "reader question" week all week!  Last week I asked for your questions and this week I am going to answer them (or as many of them as I can!)...

First up is this question from Kristen:

I work in a pretty casual office environment...jeans are a-ok most days and like you I LOVE denim, but I still want to look professional, especially since I'm the youngest person (by about a decade) in my office. Any tips for sophisticated, professional looks that include jeans? I have to venture out to the construction site from time to time for inspections & such, so I try not to wear anything too precious.

Here are my tips for looking professional while still wearing jeans:

  • Dark denim looks a lot more polished and professional than lighter rinses or distressed looks - so go for those!
  • Extra layers like a cardigan, a blazer or even a nice looking scarf when the weather gets cooler adds instant style and sophistication to a look.
  • Don't skimp on shoes... just because you are wearing jeans doesn't mean you have to sport equally as casual of a shoe.  Go for something more refined in a shoe, it's a great compliment to a classy pair of jeans.
  • Carefully chosen and understated accessories like a simple bangle bracelet, a skinny belt or stud earrings go a long way in exuding a professional air.
Here are some looks that illustrate my tips!


Sini said...

Lovely outfits! I would love to wear high heels at work and freetime but I don't know how to walk with the shoes. All the high heels in stores are way too high to try first time, any tips for this situation? :) I always use flats and ballerinas at the office.

k.rahn said...

Thanks, Jill - these looks are perfect! They definitely strike that balance I was looking for. I love that you included glasses in one of the looks because I've worn glasses every day for years and the ones you chose look a lot like a pair of Warby Parkers I've had my eye on.

Hope you're having an awesome vacation, girl!

Cristi said...

I get to wear jeans to work anytime I like and I agree with you about the cardigan or blazer and the shoes. Love those button up shirts!

Laura@JourneyChic said...

I work in a similarly casual environment, and love these pics. So many folks take "casual" too far. Your point about wearing good shoes is so important! I've even seen people in *no shoes* where I work (ew). I'm totally feeling those blue heels - fabulous!

Bon Bon said...

Love those flare jeans! Perfect looks all around! xoxo

Sonia said...

i’m new to your blog. these 2 are really cute outfits. i wish i could wear this at work. :)


Amy said...

These are the kind of outfits I wish I'd worn to work when I had the chance to wear jeans. That leopard print cardigan is still going on my wishlist though!

gi-gi said...

I love wearing ballet flats with skinny jeans (not too skinny) and wedges with my wide leg jeans. Instantly polishes the look. Dark denim is a must. Great tips.

Grace said...

I love these pieces!

xx Grace


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