Monday, August 29, 2011

i heart fall: j.crew!

Oh, J.Crew... let us count the ways we love you. Adore you. Fall all over you.

It was easy... and at the same time, incredibly difficult to choose only a FEW favorites from J.Crew's fall line.  In a nutshell, I'll take one of everything here and one of everything in the catalog as well. That should be easy enough... right!?!?

1. This leopard print sweater is the cat's meow. I went the extra mile with the budget on this one. But it was so perfect. I can see me still wearing this in 10 years from now.  
2. The 'Betsey' sweater is just a great classic hands down. I never mind investing in sweaters because I know I will wear them a ton. I love this style!
3. These socks make me want to turn on my fireplace and brew some hot cider!
4. It's a sweater, and a jacket.  It's gorgeous!  The Merino Bomber Jacket is another total classic. How could you go wrong!?!?
5. Hello Resin Jeweled bracelet. Let's be friends!
6. This is a t-shirt blouse... how cute!?!? And simple. And flattering. And gorgeous.  Plus, this piece has a great price point!
7. Again with the sweaters.  A turtleneck wool sweater is a godsend in the middle of winter.  And pretty much any other time as well. This pink color is amazing! (great price point/value on this as well)
8. Rubber wellies... I'm infatuated with these boots.  They have a ZIPPER up the back ladies! Cute!  They come in really cute colors too!
9. I tried this color - Poppy King - on at the store and was a little hesitant... but now I can't get it out of my head.  I've gotta go back and get it!
10. A great pair of skinny jeans. Enough said. I love these.  These are high-waisted, a cut that is quickly growing on me!

So what are your favorites!?!?

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