Thursday, August 25, 2011

i heart fall: gap!

My sister-in-law works at the Gap and I stopped in there last weekend to shop with her so she could show me what's good there this fall!  She had me try on a few things that I wouldn't have tried myself... and of course, I ended up loving them!  Plus, I have a few favorites of my own...  check out my picks!

1. Military Style Button Up - so cute in person!
2. Red Pointy Flats - I am in love with pointy flats AND red flats this fall. Perfect combo!
3. Ponte Leggings - these are SUPER comfortable and universally flattering, go try them on!
4. Coral Scarf - the perfect fall hue!
5. Long Sleeved Black Dress - this fits AMAZING and is really flattering, I'm watching for this little lady to go on sale!
6. Tie Neck Top - I love this style and this color!
7. Cropped Skinny Jeans - I just bought these... cropped is the perfect length for my short legs! And perfect for wearing with boots... no extra fabric.

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