Thursday, July 21, 2011

snippets: outfits!

Every couple of weeks or so I will go into my closet (seen here) and experiment with putting pieces together or just doing some outfit prep.  Usually I like to have three or four outfits laid out and then over the next few days or weeks I use them as inspiration or I switch them up depending on my mood or the weather.  

The tricky part of getting dressed each morning and being a stay at home mom (ahem, work at home mom) is that every day doesn't really call for an "outfit" - a lot of times it just calls for plain old clothes.  This is even more true in the summer when tanks, shorts and swimsuits take priority over nice tops and fun jeans.

The other night I had a ton of fun mixing and matching and coming up with new variations on my existing wardrobe... I thought I would take some fun pictures to show you what I have cooking.  Use them as inspiration for your own closet if you like! (check out links for similar items)

all photos by me on instagram.

ps, I am working on doing an updated closet post soon... as the last post is a little out of date.
pps, I am also thinking of doing a "shop my closet" post.  So if you wear small or x-small and you've seen  something you might like to have as your own from my closet, stay tuned!


Sydney Davis said...

love all the combinations, you have a wonderful style eye my dear

Linda Rose said...

ahh! you're gonna sell stuff! this makes me want to jump on the bandwagon! i need to get my stuff together first though. i'll see if i can pull it off!

Kiki's Corner said...

All the combinations are super cute :) my favorite is the one with jeans a white top and the blue necklace :)

Chelsea said...

I so hope you do the 'shop my closet!' I wear an xsmall and would love to buy some of your clothes :)

becky. said...

I love your style and your clothes and just happen to wear an xs! Looking forward to possibly shopping your closet!


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