Thursday, July 21, 2011

my outfit: dang it's hot.

What is there really to say? It's DAMN hot out there. But I'll take it over snow any day. (by the way... snow!?!?) I just hope you all are staying nice and cool.  My kids still think it's a good idea to play outside (wha!??!) - I however haven't even ventured to the pool lately.  A travesty. I know. (white whine as Jackie would say.) (sidenote - seriously check out white whine if you haven't already).

I have however been seriously rocking these leggings quite a bit (there are another pair of sweats that I can't seem to say no to... but I don't know if those are blog worthy).  My old pair was, well... old. And I just love how SUPER black this new pair is. Holla!

I wore this outfit all day around the house all day including: working, answering every demand from my children (well, not really, it just feels like it some days), playing WAY too much Just Dance for Wii with my 6 year old (hello! fun!) and putting my feet up with some magazines while the kids sweated it out in the yard.  I also ran to Walgreens, but that hardly counts. That place is just weird. (Am I the only one with a weird Walgreens in my 'hood?)

Then I made dinner from almost all farmers market goods (ohhhhhhh summer, how I love thee) and then caught up on sermons online because we've been skipping church all summer. Oops.

I don't know why I felt compelled to recount my day to you.  I told you I am bad at small talk.

T-shirt, Gap (similar)
Striped Button Up, H&M (similar)
Leggings, H&M (similar)
Watch, Michael Kors
Flats, Old Navy (similar)

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k.rahn said...

I HEAR you on the heat thing - we're supposed to have a heat index here of 105 degrees today. Ugh. People from Michigan are just not built to live in the South, I tell you. These pictures of you are great! I love the layered tops.

Kayla said...

i LOVE your bangs! don't know what you did differently but they look amazeballs. especially considering all the heat/humidity.

Durham said...

That first picture of you is fabulous!

rlutz said...

You know it is hot out when my playing in the yard loving kids don't even want to go outside...too darn hot, play inside in the a/c.

Grace Marie said...

really great photos today!

Makes me wish wish wish I could pull off leggings...but my thighs just won't allow!!!

Lauren K said...

I just did about 5 double-takes: the t shirt over your striped shirt is genius!

G. said...

Your outfit is great, but how can you wear so many layers and long leggings with this heat? I survive in shorts, tanks and flip flops

Emily O said...

All Walgreens are weird, love.

ate-days-a-week said...

Great way to mix up the layers! Loving this look...


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