Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my outfit: unoriginal.

We've entered into the unoriginal portion of my wardrobe styling skills.  This portion includes jeans and black tops in plenty, hair pulled back (always) and my boring backyard for endless amounts of photos.  Can you handle the excitement?

Black is my fall back. Do you have a fall back? I knew a girl once that only wore white tops. Seriously.  Isn't that crazy? Sometimes white cardigans over white t-shirts.  It worked for her. It did.  And I could surely wear black everyday.  In fact I'm pretty sure there was a time when I did.  At one point I was trying to "hide" a pregnancy from an employer.  Well, not "hide", just not "admit".  Black works for that.  But in general I don't recommend keeping secrets.

I do, however, recommend the new fun nail polish trend... painting your ring finger a different color than your other nails.  As seen above.  Then I'm so "type A" that I make my toes match my ring finger.

I know this outfit isn't super summery, but like I said, I'm not feeling very original and also I just FREEZE in air conditioning.  The dairy section at the grocery store this time of year is my nemesis.  My kids are the same way, you should see us all dash through there as fast as we can.

But the joke was on me this past weekend... I wore this to a birthday party that was NOT air conditioned and that involved a lot of bouncy houses (for the kids... not me!).  I was sweltering.  Lesson learned.  Be afraid, very afraid of air conditioning... but certainly not if it involves bouncy houses.

Cardigan, Old Navy (similar)
Top, Gap (similar)
Earrings, House of Harlow (similar, mine are black) via GILT - I'm obsessed with these, haven't taken them off in four days!
Sandals, Forever 21 (similar)
Nail Polish, Masquerade Belle on toes & ring fingers, Barefoot and Topless on other fingers
Cross-body Purse, Coach (similar)

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Chelsea said...

I love the outfit. I am definitely the type who has a staple... cardigans and scarves. I LOVE the sweater tired over your shoulders. I just got back from France where that look will never go out of style!

Cristi said...

Love the casual look! I also freeze in air conditioning and at work have to have a space heater!


Linda Rose said...

is that purse new, or just still in fabulous condition!?
i totally fall back on black. i think i'm even going to put it on today because my first attempt at an outfit didn't turn out right. thank God for black!

Jill GG (good life for less) said...


It's from a few Christmas' back! Coach purses always wear so well! :)

oxo, Jill

LKF said...

I love that nail polish trend! I'm definitely going to do it next time I paint my nails. I also love your cheetah sandals!

Cara said...

So jealous of your House of Harlow earrings, I wanted to buy that exact pair on Gilt and forgot to back and buy them when I got home from work. Love your shoes too!

Daphne said...

Have that purse! 'cept mine is chocolate! LOVE IT. I can fit diapers, wipes, earrings, nail polish, sunglasses, EVERYTHING in that purse. Oh, Coach, I love you!


k.rahn said...

I didn't do any better today - dark jeans + gray. It was 90+ degrees in North Carolina today and I still had to wear a sweater to protect myself from the AC. I think you look fabulous in your fall-back...plus you're wearing leopard - automatic originality points.

Mommyblogger said...

There is absolutely nothing boring about those shoes :)


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