Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my outfit: simple simon.

Lately it seems like it's late afternoon or evening before I get dressed for the day... mornings hanging around the house or at the gym leading to afternoons at the pool or hanging out in the back yard eventually push showers to late afternoon.  That is what I love about summer.  The days are so long that even "getting dressed" at 4pm makes sense.  

Plus, to me... there is nothing better than ending the day on a fresh note versus a sweaty and worn out note. I love having the extra time to just hang out with my husband in the evenings.  My kids are so busy during the day that they are still headed to bed by 7 or 7:30... then my husband and I try to reconnect during the evenings.

Sometimes reconnecting means sitting side by side on the couch with our laptops working, but other nights it means mixing up some cocktails and sipping them on the back patio and dreaming about the future.

Outfits like this are perfect for summer evenings... a breezy top, perfectly worn in jeans and plain old flip flops fit the bill perfectly.

Top, Old Navy (similar)
Jeans, Gap (similar)
Earrings, Forever 21 (similar)
Watch, Michael Kors (similar)
Flip Flops, Havianas (similar - but I got mine cheaper on GILT!)

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Sydney Davis said...

your outfit is simply marveous darling. I am a fan of a light-weight breezy shirt on a summer evening. Fits the bill is right :)

G. said...

haha, this is just like me! I wake up to make hubby's coffee in the morning, and then start my day: reading blogs, news, chatting, then finally at noon head to the gym, then the pool for a couple of hours. And then just before hubby's coming back home, I'll take a shower and get dressed to cook and spend the evening together...What a great life...
Great outfit btw!

Linda Rose said...

you look so fresh and easy breezy. love days that end like that!
maybe it's my computer, but i couldn't comment on the camping post, but wanted to say what a fancy camper you are! i wear my grubbiest clothes when i go camping. this is a much better approach though! if i ever agree to go camping again, that is. :)

amber said...

i agree, summer just seems so much more relaxed! i love your earrings :)

Alysson said...

you look so adorable! I love summer evenings. XO


Kelly said...

I love outfits like this. I have the same gingham shirt, but in blue, and it's my go-to for summer evenings. so breezy!


Anna said...

hahaha i'm glad you count sitting next to each other both on your laptops as reconnecting -we do that a lot of evenings and i was worried there was something wrong about that!!


Today Hilary... said...

That's better than me. Sometimes I'm still in the gym clothes at the end of the day....

I bought Warby Parkers recently - love them!!


Nav said...

cute and simple look - nice change. love the earrings!

xo Nav

Mi said...

Havaianas are the best! I´m from Brazil, Havaianas are from Brasil!!!Your look it´s great!I love havaianas....


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