Monday, June 6, 2011

what to pack: IN my carry-on!

As I prepare for our first cross-country trip with the kiddos... one of the first things on my mind is what are we carrying on.

We've got one short flight and one longer flight and for both I want my kiddos to be completely entertained at the drop of the hat (is that good or bad!?!?) - or at least be prepared for them to be.  Who knows, I might get lucky and they could get a little snooze in, but if I don't (or they don't) here is what will be entertaining us and keeping us comfortable for this Eastern Standard Time Zone transfer to Pacific Time Zone.

The great North West... here we come!

1. I'll have my trusty MacBook on hand for movies... and because I never go far without it, duh!

2. & 3. My new iPhone (and likely my older version as well) with both come with us for games, games and more games!  We are an Angry Birds loving family for sure!

4. My kids are just bonkers for Where's Waldo (this one is the Where's Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection). I'm going to be sure to pick up a few new (to us) ones from the library before we leave.

5. I absolutely always have to have a scarf on an airplane, you never know how cold it will be. This one looks summery and juuuuust perfect!

6. Have you seen Fantastic Mr. Fox? It's a family favorite and I'll be sure to have one on loan from Netflix for the trip!

7. & 9. Classic Gap hoodies (boys & girls) for the kids will be perfect light jackets for the kids to snuggle up in and the hoods will protect against rain if it happens to be raining when we land.

8. Target's brand 'Archer Farms' seems to be the best trailmix that I can find for the price around here (we don't have a Trader Joes near).  So this will definitely be coming along for a snack!

10. My husband said, "what about me?" when I was writing this post.  He loves to travel in his black Haviana flip flops.  He has blue one's too... but I'm betting his picks his black ones (he's so predictable!).

11. I always like to make sure I have one small bag for necessities.  Inside will likely be a stash of gum and lip gloss.

12. Speaking of lip gloss, this is my favorite. Plus it has lots of staying power. Perfect for flying!


What are your carry-on necessities!?!? Dish!
And also let me know if you have any tips for traveling with kids... I'm takin' 'em!


Kari said...

We recently flew with our two kiddos. Bring Starbursts. They have to chew so hard that it keeps their ears clear during take off & landing. A big hit with my three year old.

PlanePrincess said...

Wow - as a flight attendant I've got to say, thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea how many parents come on my planes with 3+ kids and no entertainment. All they want to do is read a magazine and sleep and they expect the flight crew to be the babysitters!! And heaven forbid our onboard entertainment system malfunctions and there's no TV for them to distract the kids with. It looks like you've got a great bag of tricks. You've got something to distract them both when they can't use electronics (the Waldo stuff) and when they can (movies). Just make sure everyone's got headphones for the movie and a spliter - most airlines don't allow you to watch a movie with the volume on speaker on a plane and the headphones we sell are cheap and uncomfortable. A few things I've seen that really work well - get each kid a small surprise from the dollar store to be opened only on the plane. It makes the trip exciting (not that it isn't already!) and gives them a tiny extra behavioral incentive. The commenter above had a good idea with the Starbursts - gum and suckers also work to help relieve pressure on the ears.

On a practical side, bring some form of sani-wipes for the tray table. You do not want to know what people do on those trays. Period. A must if you're going to eat off of those trays or even be touching them. Empty water bottles (allowed through security) will save you from paying an arm and a leg for a bottle of water in the airport and most restaurants will gladly fill you up with clean, filtered water for free inside the terminal. Just make sure you have them out and displayed as your bags are x-rayed. To augment your snacks, I always bring p'butter and apple slices everywhere. I think Jif or Skippy makes a little To Go cups that around 2 oz or less. Pack those in a plastic baggy and let that be one of your child's bag of liquids that gets scanned. Just make sure it conforms to the liquid standards (containers of 3 oz or less and all must fit in a single quart-size bag).

Sorry this was long - I love reading your blog and safe travels!!

Dichotomom said...

Another idea for the H2O bottles is the little crystal light to go packs. Makes "yukky" outside water taste great.

My kids loved M&Ms for the plane ride. Stopped my daughter from crying on take-off & landing.

A small pashmina works as a blanket, and I think inflatable pillows that pack down might be good if you really want them to sleep. Target sells some.

The dollar store idea is good, as is a small pack of crayons and some paper--play tic-tac-toe or good old-fashioned hangman. Good for take-off & landing when electronic games have to be turned off.

Jackie said...

Wow, you are getting tons of great tips from your readers! I have never took the girls on an airplane, so I have none to give. I'm sure your kiddos will do just fine. Have fun!

kristen said...

Are you coming to Seattle? Wish I could meet you for coffee! Enjoy your trip and I hope you blog along the way! :)

1) we always give the kids a new little toy for the plane - at least for really long flights.

2) do you guys play Rag Doll Blaster? It's an awesome Physics type game a bit similar to Angry Birds.

Ingrid said...

I too am wondering if you heading out to Seattle! I have two little girls and always plan ahead to get the carry-on ready. They are 8 and 5 now so they are getting to the self-sufficient age, really nice! You sound like you have things planned out well! We are heading to Colorado in a couple weeks right after schools out and I am starting to plan my bag of fun! I agree that it is always good to have something that is "new" to the kids that will keep their attention for awhile. I try and wrap up a couple of cheap little gifts and give them one on each leg of the trip. I also do lollipops, they last a long time and help with the pressure. My husband and I get a hunk of good parmesan cheese, some good crackers, and grapes for us to eat on the plane. The kids love it too and since the are not many options on the plane and if so they cost a lot of $ it is great. The flight attendant always says what a great idea! I hope you have a wonderful trip and if you are heading to the Pacific Northwest I hope you are blessed with good weather!

CEB said...

Hi Jill I love your blog! I just noticed on Daily Candy things to travel with your kids with and wanted to pass along the link. Happy Travels!

Andrea said...

Woo, you're gonna be in my 'hood! Have fun!


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